Nonprofit organization
"The centre of psychological care service
for children after cancer treatment
and their families"


St. Petersburg

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We came into this world to help each other in our journey through life.
William James

''Rainbow of Life'' is a center of psychological care for children who went through cancer and their families.

The main mission of our organization is helping children who underwent prolonged treatment and their families to recover, return to a normal lifestyle, throw off fears, anxiety, and depression. We aim to rebuild relationships both within and outside the family and enhance their confidence in their own strength.

In our programs we also welcome the children who have never faced this disease. Our strong belief is that communication between children and adults with different life views and experiences can be very rewarding and meaningful for everyone involved. We focus on creating complete integration that helps to provide comprehensive care to children in the process of rehabilitation, as well as establish a mature, positive, confident and sensible attitude towards all people and eliminate all common misconceptions about cancer.  

The wonderful children we work with, courageously overcaming their diagnosis, are always a true inspiration for every member of our team. We learn from them as much as we help them to learn.

Children are our future. After all, each one of us just wants to see them healthy and happy!

What we do

Who we help

  • We offer psychological help (individual counselling, family therapy, group therapy, dance/movement therapy, support groups).
  • We organise workshops for children and their parents, where they can discover their creative talents and learn something new.
  • We conduct classes in physical therapy (muscular system strengthening, posture correction).
  • We run a family club — a specialised space for comfortable communicating (scheduled meetings of parents and children, lectures on various topics, group games for children, tea parties, special events).
  • Children beyond cancer
  • Their parents
  • Their siblings
  • Their grandparents


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